This is the latest addition to our fleet of gourmet food truck.

Our gourmet seafood food truck inspired by Chicama beach, peru, the dish is typically made from fresh raw fish marinated in citrus juices such as lemon with rocoto peppers.

Chicama Menu


A la Carta

Ceviche de Pescado 9
Fresh fish in aji rocoto infused leche de tigre

Camarones Crocante 8
Crispy quinoa encrusted prawn with sweet potato puree & chichi reduction

Chicharron de Pollo 8
Crispy chicken thigh or calamari marinated with sashimi, garlic & mustard

Causa Ficha 6
Purple potato causa, crab meat, avocado & huancaina – rocoto sauce


Yucca Balls 5
Crispy yucca balls stuffed with chorizo, & cau-cau sauce

Ensalada Novo Andina 5
Organic quinoa, organic green, cancha, choclo, queso fresco & passion fruit vinaigrette

Postre: Mousse de Maracuya 4
Sponge cake, passion fruit and berries coulis